For many years I have wanted to go apple picking. I have this memory of going (I think it was in Young?) with my parents. There was something so exciting about picking fruit to take home with you – and it is a fond memory that has stayed with me for a long time. I knew the nearest place you could pick apples (or fruit) was in Bilpin, in the Blue Mountains near Kurrajong, just over an hour’s drive from Sydney. Me and my friends decided to make a day trip of it and drove off to Bilpin on a Sunday.

Royal gala apples, bramley, Nashi Pear and some Jonathons are ripe for picking.

When we arrive, we have a short couple of minutes to wait before a friendly guide comes to show us where each fruit is ready. “If the fruit has a ticked sign in front of it, it is okay to pick. If they have an X, they aren’t ripe and ready yet,” we are informed. He also gives us some tips on which apples are best to pick. “It is all about the undertone colour,” he says. “Cream coloured, green and yellow are good, while orange is not as good,” we learn, although we still find it difficult to discern the different hues between apples. I tend towards picking redder apples, as subconsciously I think these are the better ones despite what we have just learned. Either way we definitely pick some good ones. The best apples are the royal gala ones as the Jonathons are still a little unripe, but I do pick a few to keep and bake for later.

Blueberry season is nearly here, but this was the only (nearly) ripe berry I found. Sigh. I have also always wanted to go berry picking. At $13 a kilo for fresh berries, I imagine myself picking a million and making a delicious blueberry pie πŸ™‚

Nashi pear pickin’.

All the apples are $3 a kilo – which is a pretty decent price for delicious, fresh, sweet and crisp apples πŸ™‚

You weigh up your apples.

My friends bought about 2.2 or so kilos of apples, I ended up buying nearly four and a half kilos, haha. I fully had the intention of bringing all the apples to the office, but Mum and I (fruit addicts) ended up destroying practically the whole bag in a couple of days.. And yes, I’m serious. It was so worth it! They were some of the best apples I’ve ever eaten, seriously. While Fuji apples were previously my favourite, they have been replaced with Royal Gala apples with a vengeance. I just love the crisp sweetness of them,… Yum!

The verdict:
I loved apple picking! Would definitely love to come visit here again during blueberry and Fuji season. Recommend for a fun day out with friends or romantic trysting with someone special πŸ˜‰

Smiley apple, lol.

Bilpin Spring Orchard is on 2550 Bilpin Springs Road and is open February to June. Visit their site by clicking here to view what’s in season and when.