Sunset at L'Accanto

When a friend of mine and I were picking the ins and outs of our Italian trip earlier this year, we both agreed that it was imperative that we find somewhere to have a fancy dinner. Since we’re both die-hard foodies, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make!

There were so many choices on Tripadvisor and online recommendations, but laziness (or exhaustion, post exploring the ruins of Pompeii) got the better of us and we decided to stay in and have dinner at our fancy hotel. L’Accanto was awarded a Michelin star in 2010, which made the decision all the easier as I had never had the opportunity to dine at a Michelin star restaurant before!

We had chosen the Grand Hotel Angiolieri in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast of Italy due its outstanding reviews on Tripadvisor as well as the extraordinarily reasonable room prices we found on Plus it’s rated 5 stars! Turns out we made a good choice, as the hotel was so wonderful, we found ourselves extending our stay by an extra night on our tightly packed trip.

The setting for the dinner was worth a million bucks. Picture this – a warm and balmy Italian summer afternoon while the sun slowly sets over Mount Vesuvius and later watching the stars light up the sky. I’ve never had a meal with such an absolutely spectacular view before and I think I will be hard pressed finding somewhere that will beat it!

Now enough gushing and onto the important stuff – the food!

We start with the biggest amuse bouche I’ve possibly ever had.

Amuse bouche from L'Accanto
Cured fish, deep fried cheese stuffed zucchini flower (AMAZEBALLS) and marinated shrimp. You can’t go wrong with deep fried zucchini cheesy flowers in my books and this was no exception. The cured fish was tender to the bite and had a lovely silky texture. I don’t eat shrimp but my dining partner was more than happy to take this off my hands!

Whipped butter from L'Accanto
Whipped butter topped with nuts to accompany our starter breads.

Bread from L'Accanto
Various breads – all very moreish. Sourdough, tomato, some with olive and herb, breadsticks (seaweed and cheese – very good!) This was such a huge selection and it was hard not to plough through everything quickly and get too full before our entrees!

Shared entree between the two of us – the buffalo plate. Buffalo cheese and meats cooked different ways €20
Such pretty presentation! Each bite of these delectable morsels was a tantalizing beginner to the rest of the meal leaving us wanting more, more, more!

Now moving onto the mains!

Chicken from L'Accanto
Free range baby spring chicken with fried cheese and jus (€20).

I loved this combination of the tender chicken with the richness of the crisp fried cheesy goodness and the flavorsome sauce, and how cute is the presentation!? Just so beautifully plated!

Pork belly from L'Accanto
Another winning dish was this gorgeously plated crisp pork belly with jus and tomato chutney (€20).

Really loved photographing this pretty main. (Is it weird how pretty I find food? That could be slightly weird… lol.)

Vanilla ice ream from L'Accanto
(Pre-dessert) Vanilla ice cream rolled in mini meringues in a berry soup. Loved the contrast between the crunchy meringues with the creamy icecream and sweetness of the berry soup. We loved this!

Apologies for the pics – as the sun set, it became increasingly more difficult to get good photos without flash!

Raspberry macaron from L'Accanto
Raspberry macaron, white Ivoire chocolate soup, wild strawberries and champagne sorbet, walnut crumbs (€14).

The crisp and soft interior of the raspberry macaron was delectable combined with the tart sorbet and creamy sweet white chocolate soup (which was like a thin chocolate ganache).

Citrus fruits from L'Accanto
Citrus fruits: Sfusato lemon “Delizia”, grenadine orange, limoncello mousse, warm citrus pie, grapefruit sorbet (€12).

This dessert was a lovely cruise through Italian citrusy desserts – each with their own zesty twist. I think my favourite was the limoncello mousse (in the shot glass) which imparted a nice touch of warmth with that yummy mousse texture I just love!

We were quite full at this point, but we decided to be extra naughty and order a third dessert… Well, why not? 😉

There wasn’t a proper description on the menu for this last dessert – it was only listed as ‘Selection of Valrhona chocolate’, so we got the impression that this item was a small selection of chocolates, something like tiny petit fours or a fancy version of Roses or similar. The first sign of its size probably should have come from the waiter’s mouth dropping open in surprise at our request for yet another dessert, but we brushed it off. Did this guy think we couldn’t hack it a couple more chocolates?? Haha.

Valrhona chocolate from L'Accanto
Selection of Valrhona chocolate (€16 See, the price probably should have given it away too. Whoops!)

This was an assortment of chocolate mousses, icecreams, sauces, a chocolate fondant and a decadent chocolate muesli bar. I’ll be honest it was hard to plow all the way through this but I think we did a fairly good job! Despite how full we were, we could still appreciate chocolatey goodness of each and every treat on our plate. I particularly liked the mousses, gooey chocolate pud and the icecream. I was too full to even try a bite of the muesli bar but my dining companion described it as the best muesli bar she had ever tried – a pretty good recommendation!

Molten pudding from L'Accanto
Total food porn shot of the chocolatey amazingness of the molten pud.

View from L'Accanto overlooking Mt Vesuvius
Our view with dinner – Mount Vesuvius in all its glory… Does it get any better than this?

Seagull at L'Accanto
Cheeky seagull who kept swooping the tables for noms. The waiters had to keep shooing them away… Guess that’s gonna happen when you’re up high with tasty food! Hehe.

View at L'Accanto
Love that view!

Christine at L'Accanto
I think this smile says it all.

Dinner at L’Accanto was definitely one of the most memorable parts of my Italy trip and is definitely one of the most unforgettable meals of my life. The food was stunning and that view was just simply breathtaking! I would love to return again one day to relive this spectacular evening – especially with a partner. This setting is perfect for a romantic night, or even a proposal!

I particularly loved the style of the dishes, from the bread starter to the buffalo plate and the citrus and chocolate desserts – it was a fun way to experience the dishes by sampling the main ingredients all cooked in a different manner. A very unique and enjoyable way to experience fine dining. I also really liked the plating of each dish – everything was so artfully put together and very fun to photograph, and it just added to the awesomeness of the evening.

Some more info…
L’Accanto also offer a degustation menu for those who are so inclined.

Check out:

Pastry chef: Christian Izzo
Executive chef: Vincenzo Guarino
Restaurant manager: Nando Papa
Sommelier: Nicoletta Gargiulo

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