The boyf and I found Burwood Oriental Rice Box on eatability when we were looking for a nice place for dinner that wasn’t too far from Croydon. BORB got about a 7.4 rating, so we decided to give it a go.

I loved their cute napkins, it was a really nice touch.

The atmosphere and decorations were really pretty and well put together. The night that we were there, the restaurant was completely empty except for us (and a couple of takeaway orders), so it’s a really lovely place for a romantic night out.

Fruity duck curry on the left: $14.30 (Roasted duck, Chinese style, cooked twice with Thai curry paste, flavoured with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, grape, cucumber and vegetables) and a Chicken Cashew Nut stir fry on the right: $11.00 (Chicken tossed with roasted cashew nuts seasoned with chilli jam and shallots). I’m a huge sucker for Thai chicken or duck cashew nut stir fries. It’s something about the chilli jam… Which I’ve never ever been able to replicate or buy, even though I’ve checked at every single Asian store I’ve been to, seriously. Finding chilli jam is a huge thing for me!

The duck curry was pretty good, I loved the addition of lychees (for the win). The chicken cashew nut wasn’t exactly something to write home about. It wasn’t bad, but I’m quite picky about a good cashew nut stir fry (mostly because I order it at every Thai place I eat at!).

The real winner of the night was the dessert. We ordered durian ice-cream with banana sticky rice. The durian ice-cream was … AMAZING. The owner told us that all their ice-creams were made on the premises. It was so rich and creamy with such an intense flavour of durian… I savored every mouthful. Definitely worthwhile going here, just for the ice-cream, but only if you’re a fan of durian! I find that not everyone is as big of a fan of it as I am =P.. It’s probably an acquired taste.

So as an overall rating out of 5, I’d probably give BORB a 2.8/5 🙂

You can check out the eatability link for the Burwood Oriental Rice Box here and the link for their homepage is here.

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