I’ve learnt a new trick of cooking chicken with less fat than stir frying but still packs a lot of flavour and punch to any dish you want to add chicken to.

This seems so easy, it’s almost like a kitchen-cheat code.

It’s super simple.

1) Rub chicken thighs with sesame oil and salt (and pepper if you wish, but just salt is pretty good.)
2) Bake in a hot oven (180-200 C) in a lined tray for about 20-30 minutes or until golden brown/juices run clear.
3) Cool. Slice. Add to your fave chicken dishes.
And that’s it! Easy peasy. So delish, full of juicy flavour and low fat! Okay, I digress, chicken thighs are not low fat, but I’ve tried this trick with chicken breast with equally great results. (One time I even stuffed it with minced garlic, that was really awesome.)

You could use a different, milder flavoured oil, since sesame is quite an intense flavour that can often overpower other dishes (especially depending on what you’re planning on adding it to), but I looooove sesame oil and that special oomph it gives to this.

Some things this goes great with:

Diced, thrown into pasta sauce (that’s what these babies went into.)
With stir fried vegies and oyster sauce and rice
Thinly sliced into a sandwich
Sliced as a pizza topping
For a chicken salad (salad leaves, diced chicken + salad dressing)
OR, just plain as it is, with a couple of side dishes/salad. Just awesome.

Try making your own variations! Give this one a go!

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