I’ve finally put a bit of time aside to blog about that Bulldogs cake I was talking about in my previous post (A Fight with Fondant.)

The stats:
The cake was a Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake (can’t go wrong there), sandwiched with a whipped hazelnut and chocolate ganache (cream cheese + a lot of nutella, blended together… cooled in the fridge until quite solid and then whipped again, quite airy) covered with home-made marshmallow fondant (melted marshmallows and icing sugar) and coconut (well, that was the grass decorations).

The cake topper and the edible NRL image I got from Little Dance Decorations online. The only problem I had with the little bulldog guy was where to stick him in the cake. He wouldn’t stand upright… So I made him a little fondant pedestal to stand on in front of the cake..lol.

This was the first time I had ever used fondant, so my results were a bit wonky. I also did not have a fondant smoother which apparently, complicates things. In addition to the fact that I used a somewhat slippery ganache did not help matters.

But hey, a first’s a first.

To be honest most of this cake was a mistake. I hadn’t actually planned any of it, but I was inspired to make goal posts out of long skewers (which also helped stop the cake layers from sliding away, again, slippery ganache!) The dyed coconut grass was actually to hide a multitude of sins (i.e. messy fondant.. lol). Everyone seemed to be quite surprised when I mentioned these were all mistake-hiders,.. so I guess some mistakes are a good thing sometimes? I tend not to plan out my cake decorating (usually when I do, I almost always forget something and get disappointed when I remember it later.) So generally now, I kind of decorate out of instinct (by which of course I actually mean, what’s in the cupboard.)

Have a great weekend!


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