Its no secret, my favourite way to eat eggs is scrambled.

It didn’t used to be this way. I used to looove my eggs sunny side up. And sure, I probably still do. But I can’t go past the delicious creamy goodness of scrambled eggs. I love flecks of herbs with a sprinkling of salt and the creamy buttery taste on freshly toasted warm, almost chewy bread. I looove it. I love it with mushrooms, onions or shallots but eggs are just perfect by themselves.

I’ll stop gushing.

Normally I just scramble my eggs with a little butter, dried parsley leaves and some seasoning on toast. However, fortunate happenstanced that there was some coriander in the fridge. I absolutely love coriander. One thing I do not love about it, however, is that it goes with so few dishes that I’m able to whip up with only a few ingredients in my kitchen. You always buy a bunch of coriander for one thing and then you’re left with a gigantic amount of fresh coriander that wilts and slowly dies in the fridge leaving behind a distinct sense of failure that you COULD have used them for something (but that something would probably have required you to buy another $20 or so worth of ingredients, not to mention ANOTHER trip to the shop. Hello, you just went out and bought coriander! You also did not have the forethought to buy enough stuff to also include coriander in another recipe..).

So, I decided to try coriander with my scrambled eggs. And……….it was amazing. I drizzled it with a teensy bit of sweet chilli sauce and that was wonderful too, although you could leave that out. I used a very mild flavoured sweet chili and only the tiniest amount – it has a habit of overpowering at times.

I always used to overcook my scrambled eggs until Mike finally taught me how to do it. I’ve been taught to start out with a sizzling insanely hot pan to cook anything, but this always led to tough overcooked scrambled eggs. Mike said to start out with a cooler pan and then slowly stir the eggs until they cook. OHHHH. Well that’s how you do it. And it’s a million times better.

Ingredients for Coriander Scrambled Eggs to serve 1

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • small handful of coriander leaves, washed and roughly chopped
  • seasoning
  • toast to serve – optional. I use chia bread from Bakers Delight

Preheat non-stick pan on medium heat. Melt butter and swish around pan to coat. Break eggs into pan and scramble using a spatula or a wooden spoon. Add seasoning and herbs. Continue to stir eggs on low to medium heat until cooked to your liking. (Will take about 60 seconds.) Stir eggs quite gently as you do not want to break the eggs into too many small pieces. Serve on delicious toast and drizzle with sweet chili if desired!

Enjoy this one!


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