Sometimes, dear readers, my best plans for blogging do not go exactly to plan. I’ll set out a recipe or go to a restaurant with the best intentions of photographing some delicious food pictures, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out. The light won’t be as good, I’ll accidentally gobble something down without taking a pic first or there won’t be terribly much of an explanation.

However, this does mean that I’m left with a few food pictures that probably won’t be enough material to put in one post, but I feel it’s a shame that they should go to waste.. so why not share them? Let’s call this a miniature-review. Or .. mini-recipes? Whatever they are.. I hope you enjoy them!

The following pictures are from a girl’s night out for dinner in Baulkham Hills at Tokio Fans. One of the gals, Alex, recommended this place as she regularly frequents it with her bf Mark. I love visiting my friend’s regular restaurant hang-outs – everyone seems to have at least one. I especially love local Japanese hang outs since Japanese is my cuisine of choice ๐Ÿ™‚ My hang out is definitely Tamagawa’s in Balgowlah… It shouldn’t technically be ‘mine’ per se, since one of my best friends Jordan lives around the corner from it, so technically I suppose it’s more ‘his’ than mine.. but I still manage to turn up there for dinner at least once a week. It’s really that good.

Tuna Teriyaki from Tamagawa’s

Sorry, got distracted. Tamagawa’s does that to me. Promise me I will post more on this one soon! Anyway, back to Tokio Fans..

Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t too crash hot and since I’m still quite a newbie with my camera, the pictures turned out a little bit dark and a little big orange..

But still worth posting a couple of pics!

Agedashi Tofu: ‘Deep fried tofu with sweetened soya sauce’ $9.00. Ahh, my favourite entree. Tokio fans did a good job – crisp light tofu with a lovely sweet soy sauce – can’t go wrong !

Peking Duck Sushi Roll ‘BBQ Peking duck with cucumber, sweet sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds and spring onion’ $19.50 for a roll, $10.00 for a cone.

This really was the star of the night – Peking duck sushi! Total brilliance. I’ve never seen it before at any other Japanese restaurant (I suppose you’d call it Chinese-Japanese fusion..?) But it was completely delicious.

I am already a huge fan of Peking Duck (I even tried making it for my birthday one time. If you buy all the stuff pre made, it’s surprisingly easy!), so I was excited to try it out in sushi form – and it did not disappoint.ย I loved the crispness of the green onions combined with the sweetness of the hoisin sauce and sesame seeds – and of course you can’t forget the Asian spiced duck with cucumber… I want to come back and order this again, and again, and again! We also ordered a Mini Suki Yaki (paper thin sliced beef with seasonal vegetables & tofu in a hot pot) – sorry no pics! – which was good, but the Peking duck sushi outshone all the other dishes by a long shot.

You can check out the eatability link for Tokio Fans here.


Here are a few more of pictures I dug out from iPhoto (hidden in the abyss.. lol). First we have a couple of picnic treats ๐Ÿ™‚

I love going on picnics.. The only challenge is finding food that’s easy to eat with your hands with minimal clean up. Here are a couple of things I prepared awhile back for a picnic with Mike ๐Ÿ™‚

Miniature pies: I made this using some leftover Japanese curry made with gravy beef, potatoes, carrot and onion, then cutting out rounds of pre-made pastry into miniature tartlet pans, filling them with the curry mix, covering the tops with pastry, brushing them with beaten egg then baking them until golden. Pure awesome drizzled with BBQ sauce. Plus super easy to take on a picnic.

This is my favourite new wrap. Sliced smoked chicken (picked up from Aldi – decently priced and SO good), ash goats cheese and salad mix (just the ole fave, bag ‘o salad from Coles). I’ve also tried this one out with some home made caramelised onions (slow cooked onions with balsamic vinegar + brown sugar). Caramelised onion + goats cheese = a match made in heaven. This also makes a great quick lunch or dinner.

Here are a couple of weeknight dinners I’ve been nomming…

Pan fried barramundi fillet with baked pumpkin, mushrooms and wilted spinach with toasted pine nuts.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce + soy nuggets (sounds awful, but is actually delicious.) I use the brand Lamyong.. If you haven’t made friends with Lamyong yet, I’d highly recommend them! Plus they’re vegan ๐Ÿ™‚

My staple at the moment: Pumpkin soup. Goes wonderfully with coriander leaves and pepper.

The bulk of my weeknight dinners: Sauteed mushrooms with steamed broccoli. + tofu / chicken / lamyong soy slices / lamyong mushroom nuggets / ginger + garlic + soy sauce = pure magic.

I hope you enjoyed what is probably the first of many segment of Christine’s Random Eats!

Peace, joy, love!