I’m staying up a little late.. but I didn’t want to neglect my blogging duties! It’s been awhile, my apologies! But I have not forgotten cookingcrusade.com!

Mike and I had our engagement party on Sunday (and unfortunately we were both actually struggling with a heavy dose of the ‘flu so we were massively drugged up on Codral – but we managed to have a good go of it.) The afternoon-night turned out to be pretty successful and I finally got to do a dessert table! I must apologise for that first photo, but I was so busy meeting and greeting guests I honestly did not touch a camera during the whole party so I had to rely on pix taken by the photographer and he wasn’t very interested in the dessert table, mostly the guests! Fortunately my lovely fiance realised I would want to blog about it later, so he took the remaining pics πŸ™‚

Of course, there were plenty of things I had in mind. Macarons! Intricately decorated sugar cookies! Beautifully piped cupcakes, complete with miniature handmade flags! A beautifully decorated rose cake, or something pretty with fondant. Yes, I had many, many ideas… But unfortunately since I got sick a few days before the party (and it continued for quite a few days after), I was unable to realise any of these ideas – but I still think it turned out pretty well.

The theme colour for the engagement party was teal, so I tried to pick out a couple of teal themed ideas to add some colour to the table. Fortunately (and surprisingly) the walls for our engagement venue was actually painted a lovely teal shade – a funny coincidence, but also helped stick to the theme! Lol.

Some of the teal decos I picked out:

  • teal cupcakes for the dessert sign made from coloured cardboard I picked up from a local craft shop
  • teal dessert cups for the brownie cups – picked up from Alfresco Emporium
  • teal heart shaped chocolates from eBay (it’s great, you can order 100 chocolate hearts in any colour you like) – i put these in an old fashioned glass candy jar of my Mum’s
  • my baking partner in crime, Ghilaine made up some teal coloured fondant for the cake hearts and the cupcake flowers – dyed with some teal food colouring she had (she even painted her nails teal!). she also decorated heart shaped butter cookies with teal royal icing πŸ™‚
  • teal napkins! found (surprisingly) at a $2

I had lots of fun making the dessert sign. I bought a foam board from a craft shop, covered it with some pretty wrapping paper from Kikki.K, then printed a cupcake template from google images, then cut out a bunch of teal cupcakes from cardboard, drew on little cupcake papers and then glued them to the board with dessert names πŸ™‚ Easy and quite cheap to do!

Desserts we served;

  • Chocolate fountain (borrowed from Ghilaine – so glad we got to have this – had many guests comment on it), served with marshmallows and fruit platters
  • Hummingbird cupcakes (also by Ghilaine!) with yummy cream cheese frosting – from her cupcake Bible – the Crabapple Cupcake Bakery book
  • Chocolate chip brownies (my fave packet mix! – White Wings)
  • Bakerella’s deadly cookie-brownie slice
  • Kim’s favourite choc chip cookie recipe from Lovin in the Oven – the first time I tried the recipe, but got many compliments. I made them in milk chocolate chip and dark/white chocolate chip versions – both delicious! Will definitely make this recipe again. I made huge batches before hand and froze them in log shapes, then defrosted them slightly, chopped it up and baked it πŸ™‚
  • The engagement cake was a double batch of Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake with whipped milk chocolate ganache, decorated with teal fondant hearts and cachous. I wanted to do something a little more involved, decoration wise, but I honestly ran out of time and had absolutely no energy to come up with anything better due to the cold… Oh well! I think it turned out rather well in the end πŸ™‚
  • Ghilaine made some lovely gluten free desserts for the gluten intolerent
  • A friend of my Mum’s brought along a few platters of vegan cakes – so delicious! I am dying for the recipe πŸ™‚

Cookie-brownie slice and chocolate brownies πŸ™‚

brownie cups with cream cheese frosting / chocolate ganache

Cupcake tower (bought from Woolies for like $8, bargain!)

Chocolate chip cookies πŸ™‚

Cute little vegan cakes.

Engagement Cake

Despite the fact that there were lots of little details that I missed out on doing, I think it turned out rather well!

ps: couldn’t resist sneaking in a few shots of us from the night:

Me and Mike with two soon to be newlyweds – getting hitched this very weekend! Congrats MF and Steve!!

More soon to be newlyweds… Grant and Chivs plan to marry a few weeks after us πŸ™‚ Congrats to you guys too πŸ™‚

Love this pic of my maid of honor, Kira (on the right) and her sister Holly. Too cute!

Of course my gorgeous god daughter was there too! After all, her mama is one of my bridesmaids πŸ™‚

Thanks for watching, hope you are well!