Spring has finally sprung! I’m looking forward to increasingly warmer days and the slow inching closer to summer…After a recent weekend trip to the warm and sunny Gold Coast and reminiscing on my summer Italy holiday this year has made me long for the warmer weather and all its perks. Chilling at the beach! Thongs, swim gear, ice cream and long walks in the sunshine. It can’t come fast enough!

When the Sweaty Betty PR team sent me a package of C Coconut Water, I felt inspired to create this refreshingly cool frappe to bring a little bit more summery goodness into my kitchen. While I’d never tried Coconut Water before, I had heard a lot of hype about it in the health community – it’s naturally low in sugar, calories, carbs and sodium, contains zero fat and is high in potassium and minerals.

Due to its super properties, it has been touted in the health community as a sports/energy drink. Another interesting fact I recently learned about coconut water is that in some cases, it can be utilised as an emergency supply of saline or blood plasma – as it is sterile while still in the coconut. Fascinating stuff!

After learning all these interesting Coconut Water facts, I was quite excited to give it a try! After tasting it for the first time (it has quite a mild flavour, almost with a slight nuttiness to it), I thought it would go nicely with some lychees, strawberries and a few mint leaves to liven it up.

The end result was a refreshing pick me up with the fruity flavours all melding together quite nicely. Tested it out on Mike and he loved it! Another reason why I like this one is that it’s so easy to whip up – canned lychees, a couple of berries, some coconut water and a few leftover mint leaves from the fridge all blended together and you’re done!

I do hope you enjoy this – its certainly perfect for the incoming warmer days! Note: While it is quite sweet from the fruit and the lychee syrup, it is not a super sweet frappe – so if you wanted to sweeten it, you could add a little more lychee syrup, or even a simple sugar syrup – (similar to ones used in cocktails) to give it a sweeter kick.

Strawberry, Lychee and Coconut Water Frappe
Ingredients List To Serve Two
330mls (1 carton) + 1/2 a cup of C Coconut Water
8 or 9 strawberries, washed and hulled
5 canned lychees (reserve syrup from the can)
6 washed mint leaves

Fill one ice cube tray with 1 carton of the C Coconut Water, place in the freezer and freeze overnight, or until completely solid ice cubes form.

Layer ice cubes, berries, lychees and mint leaves into blender and pour in the remaining cup of C Coconut Water and 4 tablespoons of reserved lychee syrup from the can (keep a little just in case you wish to add a little more, but give it a taste before you do.)

To find your nearest C Coconut Water stockist, click on the link here, click ‘stockists’ and enter your postcode for a handy dandy list of your closest C Coconut Water retailers!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s day and a great start out to the week! Remember, only one day until Mondayitis is over! ๐Ÿ˜‰


CookingCrusade.com was commissioned by Sweaty Betty PR to develop this Coconut Water recipe.

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