WARNING: This is a pic-heavy post!

I was recently lucky enough to be a delegate to this year’s EatDrinkBlog conference – the only Aussie Food Bloggers’ annual conference currently in existence. This year was the third one and my first to attend anything like it, and boy did I love it! It was a full-on weekend in Adelaide of eating, meeting and greeting fellow food bloggers, eating, photographing, drinking, learning and, oh, did I mention eating?

Since there are so many other well-written posts and pics from many other talented bloggers who attended the conference, I thought I would just make this a quickie and share my favourite photos/experiences from the weekend in a quick (I say quick, but there are a heap of pics in here still!) post. I have posted the rest of my many photos from the weekend on my Facebook page – so if you’re interested in checking them out, please do! I have provided links at the bottom of this post for your clickage πŸ™‚

Astonish Patisserie's Chocolate Magma
This photo was taken of a Chocolate Magma ($14) lava cake from Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide in a desserty afternoon with some fellow food bloggers the day before EDB. (Psst. I’ve uploaded the rest of my desserty shots from this cafe on my FB page which you can check in the links at the bottom of this post.)

Chocolate Honeycomb Yoghurt
Chocolate Honeycomb Yoghurt from the Yoghurt Shop in Adelaide Central Markets. Umm… WHY DOES THIS NOT EXIST IN SYDNEY, PLS? That is a question I’d very much like the answer to..

Wine blending with dry ice
Playing with dry ice at wine blending in the McLaren Vale winery

Rock oysters on a barrel
Rock oysters at the McLaren Vale Winery

Pumpkin tortellini served in Asian spoons
Pumpkin tortellini with pepitas at the McLaren Vale Winery

Crumbed slow-cooked beef in a napkin
Slow-cooked beef, crumbed and topped with pork crackling

Various vegetarian finger-foods on a barrel
Vegetarian plate of goodies at the McLaren Vale Winery

Orange chocolate on a plate sitting on grass
Aerated orange chocolate at the McLaren Vale Winery

Mclaren Vale vineyards through trees
Mclaren Vale vineyards and horizon
The view was simply breathtaking at McLaren Vale. Perfect for weddings!

Now moving onto one of my favourite parts of the weekend – dinner at the Hilton by Chef Dennis Leslie. An absolutely fabulous meal was enjoyed by all!

Chairs and tables
Stunning setup at the Hilton, Adelaide

People seated
More people seated

Corn and bean salad
Vibrant corn and bean salad

Juka with lime, mayo and coriander

Grilled corn on the cob
Dennis’s mindblowingly good Grilled Corn with Roasted Garlic Aioli, Parmesan and Coriander. Click here to see his recipe which he kindly shared online– can’t wait to give this one a try myself!!

Love Swah and Saucy Redhead
Love Swah and the Saucy Redhead get their juka on

Cheesy quesadillas

Porterhouse steaks
Incredibly juicy porterhouse steaks with chimmichurri sauce – look at that glisten

Smoky beef ribs
Smoky beef ribs with chipotle sauce – these were beautifully tender and the meat just fell apart

Spanish rice
Arroz Cubano (Spanish rice)

People seated in low light

Moving onto desserty things!

Tres leches cake
My first try of tres leches cake. It was a very moist, sweet sponge cake. Didn’t mind it!

Dulce du leche alfajores
Sorry for the poor quality of this image but it deserved a mention – alfajores sandwiched with dulce du leche. these buttery cookies were diiviine! And I may or may not have dipped them in some melted dark chocky…

Dulce du leche alfajores dipped in chocolate

Chocolate fountain
Haighs Chocolate Fountain!

Cinnamon churros
Cinnamon churros, ready to be sexily dipped into melted chocolate

My plate of chocolate, strawberries and churros

I’ll start wrapping up this post with a quick peek of the goodies we got on Sunday – a stunning selection of baked goodies from the folks at Red Door Bakery and some gorgeous cuppies provided by the very kind Natasha of Playing House.


Popcorn cupcakes
Cake pops
Cake pops and chocolate moustache

Jeremy from Taste Explorer

Things got a little moustachey.

Dianne Jacob
Me and the lovely Dianne Jacob, author of “Will Write For Food” – she very kindly signed my copy πŸ™‚ Was so cool to meet her!!

Fig and Cherry speaking
Listening to the talented Christie from Fig and Cherry speak about ethics of blogging.

Chocolate fountain with dry ice
Final shot of an amazing chocolate fountain from the amazing pop up lunch at the Central Markets. Yes, TWO chocolate fountains in one weekend!

I had such a fantastic time during my first visit to Adelaide. It really opened my eyes to the fantastic food and wine available in the seriously epic Central Markets and absolutely stunning wineries of South Australia. Foodies who have not visited this wonderful part of Australia: I urge you to come and visit! I know I will be planning another visit sometime soon… to spend all my time at the Central Markets! South Australia also has much more to offer – the lovely beach and shopping at Glenelg, Adelaide Zoo (which boasts the only panda enclosure in the southern hemisphere), a whole heap of Haighs chocolate stores as well as the Haighs factory to indulge in (I may have gone slightly mad in one store… OH THE CHOCOLATE CARAMELS – you NEED to try them!!).

A massive thank you to the epic committee (see below) who put together the conference, and for all their hard work creating such a fantastic weekend. The opportunity to learn more about food blogging and to meet so many awesome bloggers all together… it really was a wonderful weekend to remember!

The A-Team, aka EatDrinkBlog3 Committee:

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