Yogurberry Epping entrance

For months, my workmates and I salivated in anticipation over the giant poster hung over a shop window announcing that frozen yoghurt would soon be a treat available in Epping. Coffee runs would soon be changed to froyo runs. Sipping hot liquids at my desk would become a thing of the past, instead replaced by gloriously creamy froyo in different flavours. Expectations were raised higher and higher, and complaints of “WHY isn’t it open yet??” grew more frequent. It all dissipated in a moment of shock and joy when, passing by Hothis for lunch, I realised Yogurberry. Was finally. Open.

Yogurberry Epping launch balloons

The first thing I did was call my workmate who had also been eyeing off the signs to screech “IT’S OPEN, IT’S FINALLY OPEN” and after lunch, finally descended on the magic that is Yogurberry. And as high as my expectations were, it did not disappoint.

They had an opening special of 50% off for a couple of days. Half-price froyo, how can you go wrong? Unless of course the froyo is cursed. Or contains potassium benzoate. Sorry, that’s a bad Simpsons joke.

I stood in line and picked out the smallest cup (which, by the way, is hilariously large). The thing I love the most about Yogurberry is that you pay by weight instead of by size. That means that I can get a GIANT serving if I want, or if I’m feeling a tad full from lunch, I can get a miniscule serving if I want. ALSO, I can get as many toppings as I want without worrying about a giant surcharge per topping as with normal ice cream / froyo places. So I basically have no reason to never get froyo! This is my perfect froyo dream!

Self-serve Yogurberry

Yogurberry toppings
So many toppings! They had everything from cocoa pops, corn flakes, shredded coconut, candied popcorn, chocolate chips, sprinkles, tim tams and a whole lot of fresh fruits and of course, pearls.

A completed Yogurberry

Since each serving varies in price (I believe its about 10c per 20g), a regular serving is about $5-6.00. This serving above was quite huge so cost about $8-9.00.

Of course, I had to try each flavour on my first go! And since it’s self serve, this was easy enough to do.

They had the following flavours available:

  • Taro
  • plain
  • mango
  • green tea
  • strawberry and chocolate

My flavour preferences in order are taro, strawberry, plain, green tea, chocolate and mango. All flavours were pretty good but I mostly stick with taro and strawberry on my return visits – they are too good!

I absolutely loved the lychee pearls to top with them. This was my first try of them and on every return I have basically gone nuts and put giant servings on each order I get. Basically a ‘would you like some froyo with your pearls?’-type situation, but they are amazing! Nothing like the sort of pearls you get from Easyway or Chatime. These pearls ‘pop’ in your mouth when you crunch down on them, rather the chewy pearls in bubble tea drinks. If you haven’t before, I highly recommend giving them a try!

Paying after self-serving
Lining up to pay.

Seating at Yogurberry
They have a good amount of seating for those who wish to eat in.

I couldn’t resist including these pics of my god-daughter Talei getting a brain freeze. Not that that deters her from eating more froyo haha. Good girl.


Pushing through the pain.

Mmm so good.

Haha I love this video.

Yogurberry, Epping is at 43 Beecroft Road, Epping, NSW.
They accept cash only.

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Parking is probably best found at Coles on Rawson Street in Epping, but it’s also a super quick walk from Epping station.

I can’t wait to enjoy more froyo goodness over the summer period! Psst, if you’re interested, check out their website — they have plenty of nutritional advice about their frozen yoghurt.

Oh thought I’d also mention that Yogurberry is cash only!

Hope you’ve had a great start to the week. Not long to Christmas now, eeeee!!!