I absolutely loved Singapore. Our recent three day trip was jam-packed full of sightseeing, photographing and, of course, eating! While I initially planned on writing separate posts for all of the fun activities and things we ate (a bit ambitious, I think!) I decided instead to compress all the best things of our Singapore trip into one condensed post.

So, without any further ado, I present:

Cooking Crusade’s Must Do, See and Eat in Singapore

I was off dairy products while in Singapore and I have to say… being lactose intolerant in Singapore seriously rocks. Check out their amazing range of dairy free desserts! I wish we had even half of these in Sydney.

Check out this incredible range of dairy free ice-creams. With flavours like mocha almond fudge, chocolate fudge brownie and butter pecan, I was totally in love! Sadly I never got to try any because, well there were just too many other delicious things that got in the way! I have seen some of these ice-creams being sold at Vegan’s Choice Grocery in Newtown though, so I would definitely love to give these a try! We also discovered a massive wall of dairy-free milks at a supermarket with milks that I’ve never seen before, like quinoa milk, hazelnut milk as well as a huge range of flavoured soy and rice milks. Their range for regular soy/rice/etc. milks was also much larger than anything I’ve ever seen in Sydney! It was a non-dairy milk drinker’s dream come true!

This amazing shop called “Mr Bean” makes being dairy intolerant a total dream. How amazing do all of these desserts sound?!

Kindly sign me up for one of each.

Not to mention the heart-stoppingly cheap prices. (By the way, SGD is slightly less than the AUD, so a $2 drink would cost about $1.60 AUD. CRAZY cheap!)

Hot “Classic Bean Curd” from Mr Bean with a sweet syrup. 

Another thing I loved about Singapore was randomly finding a huge building stuffed with Filipino restaurants. Sadly I discovered this post-lunch but I could still appreciate it’s awesomeness.

This is the stuff my dreams are made of. 

Cute Asian bakeries pretty much everywhere.

Hainanese chicken. Of course! (More on this coming to the blog soon!)

Amazing drinks, everywhere.

Falling in love with new desserts (above, durian chendol). It was so good I had it twice in one day!

Beautiful flowers, pretty much everywhere. Ain’t nothing can’t grow in that heat!

The novelty of seeing a boat on top of three towers. (Marina Bay Sands Hotel.)

The epic view on top of said boat above, especially at night.

And finally, even the airport at Singapore (Changi) is amazing. It’s consistently rated the best airport in the world (e.g. see here and here).

Not only do they have a free 24 hour movie theatre, they also have free wifi throughout the airport, a million free internet terminals, a butterfly garden, a koi pond, free phone charging terminals, free foot massages, a pool (entrance requires a small admission fee), free bus tours of Singapore (yes, seriously!) and heck, their website even has a list of suggested activities, depending on how long your layover at the airport is!

A butterfly garden! At the airport!

These are great if your phone battery’s running low at the airport (which of course I always am!) You attach your phone to the cable inside, lock it in the mini locker and then come back after a spot of shopping or a snack to a fully charged phone. Pretty useful for layovers, although I must admit I was scared of accidentally leaving my phone behind!

Have you been to Singapore? What were some of your favourite things to do there?


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