This weekend I was lucky enough to spend time away some with lovely food bloggers for my first trip to the Hunter Valley.

On one night we decided to go looking for a pub dinner and the Brickworks Brasserie nicely fit the bill. They had a large menu with a wide variety of choices for everyone, from light meals and salads, pizza and full-on large main meals for those who were a bit hungrier. I’ll just say now that I chose one of the light meals and was very satisfied with my choice as my salad was huge! Brickworks Brasserie also had a tempting array of desserts for a pretty sweet price of $9 each. The food was churned out pretty quickly and seemed to be quite good quality and at decent prices for fairly upscale pub fare.

My choice for dinner from the light meals and salads menu – the Santa Fe Salad, $18.00.
Chicken, corn, black beans, cheese (I asked for mine without cheese), tortilla strips, tomato, lettuce all tossed in a spicy peanut coriander dressing

This was a truly wonderful salad and definitely the best one I’ve had in a long time! I was tossing up between different things on the menu and was very happy with what I got. I particularly liked that they had pre-tossed the salad with the dressing instead of just pouring it over, which gave every bite of salad a good coat of the incredibly moreish peanut dressing with a lovely kick from the coriander. I especially loved the addition of corn, black beans and those amazing tortilla strips, which gave it a great crunchiness. I wish I knew where to get a salad like this in Sydney – I’d be ordering it all the time!

Vegetarian pizza, $19.00.
Pumpkin, gorgonzola, sage and pine nut pizza.
This was a popular choice of the evening and I nearly went with this one as well. Those who had it said that it did not disappoint! It’s hard to go wrong with those flavours!

Mushroom filo, $19.00.
Fetta and pine nut stuffed mushroom, baked in filo pastry with zucchini and chickpea salad with capsicum dressing.
This was a great vegetarian choice for dinner and I heard was very cheesy. Mushrooms and cheese in pastry is a pretty fail safe combo.

Chicken Parm, $24.00.
Chicken breast fillet, ham, napoli sauce, parmesan and herb crumbs with a garden salad and razorback potatoes.

Mac and Four cheese, $21.00.
Comes with garden salad, garlic bread and oregano sauce.

Mac and four-cheese with bacon $21.00.
Comes with garden salad, garlic bread and oregano sauce, $21.00.
I heard this was decadently cheesy, but got a little oily towards the end.

Chicken schnitzel, $18.00
Freshly crumbed chicken breast, served with chips and salad. (Also available with veggies for $20.00).

Great sounding desserts, all $9 each. Unfortunately most of us were too full for a full-on dessert at this stage but I would definitely love to try them out next time!

In conclusion? I really enjoyed our dinner at the Brickworks Brasserie and all the diners were happy with their choices. I would definitely love to visit again the next time I’m in the Hunter Valley – it’s definitely worth checking out! I would especially love to try their delicious-sounding desserts! There was plenty of parking available (handy for travelling in groups) and it’s a great place for a drink before or after dinner as well.

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