Amongst much hype, the popular Melbourne franchise “Lord of the Fries” has finally opened its doors to the public in Sydney and quite a frenzy has ensued! With lines up to an hour long, Sydney-siders have been queueing like crazy to get a taste of their famous fries.  Lord of the Fries is completely vegetarian (all their burger/hotdog patties are meat free) and is also vegan and gluten free friendly, which is fantastic news for allergy-sufferers of gluten and dairy as well as vegans and vegetarians alike. The menu  is stuffed with all kinds of tempting sauces including spicy mango chutney with sour cream to belgian mayo, thai satay and onion and who could go past the poutine-esque French Canadian sauce (shredded cheese and hot gravy?!).

With all the hype surrounding LOTF, I couldn’t resist a visit and soon! About a week or so after it opened, I managed to end up there on a Tuesday evening (good time to go, wait lines were much shorter – we only waited about 5 minutes!) to sample the fries for myself.

The Story (Lord of the Fries)

The idea behind Lord of the Fries began over late night snack excursions early in 2004. Mandy (Toronto) and Mark (Melbourne) met while living in Taiwan (Tainan). Their love for fries drew them closer, and their disdain for nasty frozen chemical fries inspired them to create the perfect fry.

They wanted fresh potatoes, thick but not too thick, crispy but not too crunchy, delicious and saucy, the mission began.

It was the beginning of a fast food revolution.

Landing in Melbourne in August, 2004, they decided to take the best fries you will ever try to the people! What better way than a mobile chip van now all they needed was a name.

This is where Sam (Mark’s brother) comes sizzling into the story. Being a creative wiz, he crowned the venture LORD OF THE FRIES.

The Lord was born!!

The van was on the road by October and they were traveling around the country serving up golden, crunchy, fries in a cone, with home-made sauces all inspired by flavours found across the globe. The people rejoiced!

Finally a fry that was NOT drowned in beef tallow and juiced up with gluten; NOT cooked in the cheapest oil money can buy; NOT smothered in watered down tomato sauce and sitting in a bain-marie since the beginning of time.

East LA. Hot Cheese Sauce, Salsa and Japalenos
Regular fries ($4.95) + Deluxe Sauce ($2.50)

The cheesy sauce in this East LA sauce really went nicely with the salsa and fries and was surprisingly more spicy than we expected.

French Canadian. Shredded Cheese and Hot Gravy
Regular fries ($4.95) + Deluxe Sauce ($2.50)

This was definitely the winning sauce of the evening – with a super tasty gravy and melted cheese coating the crispy fries. I was excited to have my first taste of what was closest to famous Canadian poutine, which I believe is more traditionally served with softer cheese curds rather than the shredded harder cheese that we had with this version.

Mini Burger $4.95

The perfect little snack burger goes well with their regular serving of fries for a good sized lady lunch!

I enjoyed the fries at LOTF and think it’s worth trying for those who appreciate a good chip! It’s great news for allergen sufferers and vegetarians/vegans who I don’t feel have very many franchises that cater for them specifically, especially not smack bang in the CBD. I probably wouldn’t queue up for them for over an hour, but they are a tasty treat that I would return for, especially the cheese and gravy sauced ones. I really want to give those sweet potato fries a try!

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