Hey guys!

First of all I have to say I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long! It’s been just over a month of silence here at Cooking Crusade HQ but I can promise you I’ve got some good reasons! (Insert convincing face). One thing I recently did was finally get married, woohoo! It was awesome and I can highly recommend it. I did a lot of the planning and details myself and I didn’t really have a traditional bridal party so the months up until the big day planning were as stressful as all heck so I can definitely say that I am more than happy to have that part of my life over. When the day finally came, it really was perfect. Not everything went according to plan (unsurprisingly!) but all those little minor details just melted away because I was getting MARRIED! As they say, the day went by faster than any day I’ve ever experienced (sadly!) but fortunately we had someone snapping pictures of it all so we have plenty of memories, some of which I’d love to share with you now!

We decided to get married in Bowral at Montrose Berry Farm, which is just such a pretty part of NSW.

Since I didn’t have a bridal party, the hair and makeup artists commented it was one of the fastest weddings they had ever done!

Two seconds later, we were strapping me into that insanely-hard-to-breathe-in dress!

Strap on those gold shiny shoes and I’m ready to go!

Next moment I’m walking down the aisle with a parent on each arm. I swear I’ve never had that many cameras pointed at me in my life, it was a bit freaky!! But, power through, right??

The ceremony went by in a whizz bang blur.

But we tried to enjoy it.

We threw some rings on it,


and signed our lives away. Tom Hiddleston, this of course means we can no longer be together. I’m sorry Tom, but please try and pull yourself together.

Our lovely wedding guests may have gotten slightly carried away with throwing rose petals. Seriously, at one point it felt like someone had loaded a bazooka with them and aimed at my face. Fun times. But seriously, my jaw will recover… one day.

Married lady! Just add water.

Lunch was served buffet style and was packed with loads of home cooking comfort foods like slow cooked lamb, chicken, roast veggies, plenty of beautiful salads, garlic bread and more good stuff. We made sure there were plenty of vegan and gluten free options for our guests as I know first hand how annoying an intolerance can be and didn’t want our guests to feel like they just had one salad option and not much else! Our wedding cake was also three layers – one regular chocolate mud cake, one gluten free layer and a final vegan layer so everyone could have a piece. Oh and the ice-cream bar also had vegan ice-cream. Ain’t no vegans/dairy free guests missing out here!

Our amazing signs were made by the extra-talented blogger (and friend) Tash from 52 Wednesdays. If you haven’t before, check out her amazing blog, it’s chock full of awesome DIY vintage projects for you!

Our bonboniere – small jam jars made on the premises so our guests could take a little bit of the berry farm home. I am a strong believer in edible bonboniere!

I also hired a few yard games to set up for our guests – croquet, badminton, boules and more. I was able to hire everything in a handy vintage wedding package from Sydney Yard Party (link below) which they dropped off and picked up by courier. I was really quite impressed with their service.

Another one of my fave parts the day was the ice-cream bar we set up for dessert. For months before the wedding, I visited different Vinnies’ shops several times to find vintage glass ware to serve all the fun ice-cream toppings in. I purchased about 100 or so ice-cream cups that were selling at the Reject Shop and had soooo much fun buying bottles of ice-magic, ice-cream wafers, bags of glace cherries, marshmallows, coconut, crushed peanuts, candy bars, musk sticks, pop rocks and more! Definitely a fun and cost-effective DIY project that would also be fun for birthday parties.

Our wedding cake (made by a family friend). Three layers of chocolate, gluten free chocolate and vegan chocolate! I have soooo much of this leftover in our freezer right now, guess everyone filled up on ice-cream hehe!

We also hired a Photo Booth, (we used JL images) which was soooo much fun and our guests just loved snapping photos. It was so hilarious flipping through our photo album of people’s shots later. It was definitely one of the splurge items of the day but in the end we were so glad we did it and now have loads of fun photo strips of our friends which was such a nice memento of the day!

I even made sure I bought a magical flying veil! …Just kidding guys, its a normal veil I bought off ebay for like $12. It was just the wind catching it! Bet I fooled you for a second there…

Our wedding day was so lovely and I couldn’t have asked for a better day to share with my new husband, family and friends! Hope you enjoyed a little snapshot into our day as well!

Our Wedding Vendors
Photographer: Ronny from Creek Street Photography. Ronny did an absolutely wonderful job photographing our wedding and we could not recommend him highly enough! He was super professional and did pretty much everything to get the perfect shot which he did time and time again!

Venue: Montrose Berry Farm. We really loved our venue and wouldn’t have had it anywhere else. Montrose Berry Farm was a great pick for us because they allowed us to choose our own caterers and had a backup hall in case of rain. They also had a really great professional kitchen for our caterers to work with. Not to mention the beautiful backdrop for photos and all the beautiful sweeping grounds making for the perfect wedding lunchtime reception. They are also surprisingly affordable and worth looking into if you’re interested in saving money on your wedding! Plus it was only a 1.5 hour drive from Sydney which was a bit far but it wasn’t too far for our guests to do a round trip on the Sunday and be back home in time for dinner which was important for us to have for our guests, especially if they had kids!

Wedding dress: Peter Trends in Roseville
Hair: Emily Kilgour
Makeup: MMC Makeup
Flowers: Hope Chomczynski
Catering: Orette Elysee-Collen
Signage: Tash Brice from 52 Wednesdays
Chair covers: Classic Hire
Lawn games hire : Sydney Yard Party
Photo booth hire: JL Images

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Tomorrow is my last day of being a 25 year old, any tips or advice to spend my day of misspent youth? 😛