Since it’s the first Sunday of September, that mean’s one thing… That it’s Father’s Day! Yay! Happy Father’s Day!

This year I visited a cafe near my Dad’s house in Botany – a lovely cafe called Botannix Studio Cafe, found at 25 Swinbourne St, Botany. Plenty of street parking nearby, if you’re driving (which we were.) They serve all-day breakfasts, and lunch starts at 11.30am.

Dad and I got skim banana smoothies ($6.50) which were very light, frothy and not too sweet, but in a good way.

Mike and Dad ordered pancakes with maple syrup, strawberries, grilled banana and whipped cream ($14.50), which they said were pretty awesome. I tasted some and they were quite good, but be prepared for a serious sugar overdose!

I tried out eggs benedict for the first time, but I don’t eat pork, so I ordered it with the smoked salmon ($18.00, less if you order it with shaved ham) and mushrooms on the side ($3.50). I have no idea what they did to the mushrooms but they were wonderfully fragrant, buttery and garlicy. They were lovely, as was the eggs benedict – I’m glad that I tried it out and Botannix did a pretty good job of them. I’m a big fan of hollandaise sauce, especially with asparagus. The dish looked deceptively small (especially compared to Dad and Mike’s gigantic pancakes,) but the hollandaise sauce and poached eggs fill you up very quickly.. I couldn’t totally finish it all, even though I wanted to!

The link for Botannix is here and the link for the eatability page is here.

Botannix on Urbanspoon

Me, Dad, Mike at Botannix:

Happy Father’s Day to all those Dad’s out there. Have a great day!

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