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Super Simple Mango Gelato

Recipes November 12, 2012

Scoop of mango gelato in bowl

Here’s a recipe to get you ready for summer… A ridiculously easy mango sorbet you can whip up in no time – and no ice cream maker needed! You will however, require a food processor – or a high quality blender may do the trick too. I finally caved in and purchased a food processor and I looove it. Homemade cookie dough dip? Yes please. Pesto, hommos, capsicum dips? I’m there! I can’t imagine my kitchen life without it now! If you have any great food processor recipes, please share as I’d love to have another excuse to whip mine out 🙂

Frozen chunk of mango gelato

Now, onto matters more gelato related…

This recipe is very easy to prepare and make, and only takes a few minutes to blend – what’s not to love?

Start out by (not pictured) freezing fresh mango flesh in ziplock bags overnight.

Chopped chunks of frozen mango gelato
Remove mango flesh from ziplock bag and slice into chunks.

Chunks of mango gelato in blender
Chunks of mango gelato is blender with brown sugar
Place mango in food processor. Optional: Add sweetener if desired (brown sugar pictured) and/or a splash of vanilla essence.

Blended mango gelato before adding milk
Blend. (Pictured without sugar). Mangoes become crumbled and require some liquid to help it become creamy and smooth.

Blended mango gelato after adding milk
Add milk of choice and blend again – it should become nice and creamy!

Scoop of mango gelato served in bowl
Scoop and serve! Enjoy!

Mango gelato in plastic container for storage
You can also freeze any leftovers in a plastic container for later. This shot reminds me of pumpkin puree hehe.

Here’s the handy-dandy recipe!

Super Simple Mango Gelato (an original recipe by Cooking Crusade)

Serves: About 3 people
Time to prepare: Mangoes need to be frozen overnight but actual blending takes less than a few minutes!


  • 1.5 cups frozen mango, chopped into chunks
  • 1/4 cup milk (I used soy milk but you can use whatever you like – cow’s milk, almond, coconut etc.)
  • 1-2 T maple syrup or brown sugar*
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon vanilla essence (I just added this for some flavour but it’s not neccessary.)

* You can omit if your mangoes are very sweet. These particular mangoes I bought were very cheap and not terribly sweet – clearly they had been forced to ripen early in order to meet demand and unfortunately did not have the best flavour. However, in my experience, proper ripe mangoes are usually more than sweet enough without the sugar added. See for yourself – you can always add extra sugar after tasting if you like (I made two batches, one with and without sugar).

Note: This recipe requires a little preparation overnight – to freeze the mangoes.

  1. Slice cheeks of mangoes (I used about 3 medium sized ones) and scoop out the flesh. Freeze in a ziplock bag overnight.
  2. Remove frozen mangoes from ziplock bag and chop roughly to make it a bit easier for the food processor to blend.
  3. Place mango chunks and vanilla essence (if using) into food processor bowl and blend for about 1 minute or until it is completely broken up into tiny pieces. Add milk tablespoon by tablespoon or until you get the creamy consistency you like.
  4. Taste. If it’s sweet enough, serve – but if not, add sugar spoonful by spoonful, blending after each addition and taste each time to get the right sweetness for you.
  5. Scoop mango gelato out of processor bowl using an ice-cream scoop into bowls and serve! I’d like to try topping this with some freshly whipped cream (or coconut cream) and chopped macadamia nuts for that true mango cream Weiss bar feel. Mmm. Weiss bars. But honestly its pretty good by itself – even my vegan Mum enjoyed it! Any leftovers can be poured into a plastic container and stored in the freezer. It will harden, but a few 10 sec zaps in the microwave should be enough to make it scoopable.

Feel free to play around with the measurements in this recipe. You can add more / less mango and just add the milk / sweetener afterwards so you can get a good consistency / sweetness.

Hope you enjoy this super simple summery recipe !


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A Very Spooky Halloween at N2 Extreme Gelato

Reviews October 30, 2012

N2 storefront

Ever since I first read Jenius’s and many more food bloggers’ posts on N2 Extreme Gelato, I couldn’t wait to visit! N2 takes gelato to the extreme by making all their ice-cream in front of you in Kitchen-Aid mixers using liquid nitrogen, which if you ask me is pretty cool (pun intended… Yes, I make lame dad-style jokes occasionally. Sorry about that.)

I first learned ice-cream could be made this way with liquid nitrogen from Heston Blumenthal’s cooking videos and was lucky enough to sample some at his restaurant in London at Dinner by Heston. The theory is, since the ice-cream freezes mega-quickly due to the super low temp of the nitrogen, the ice crystals formed in the ice cream custard are smaller, therefore making it intensely creamy. I was very impressed that N2 serves all its ice cream this way.

So I was happily surprised to accidentally pass N2 after lunch with a friend in the city. Jackpot!

N2 workbench
The staff had dressed up their shop ‘Halloween style’ with some awesome (fake, I hope — haha) blood dripping down the glass, mutilated barbie dolls, bloody looking brains and a severed hand amongst the beakers. The creepy decorations fit in perfectly with the staff dressed in lab coats and protective eye gear, churning ice-cream with puffy billowing vapours emerging from their mixers — the modern day witch’s cauldron!

Mutilated Barbie doll
Another mutilated Barbie doll
An N2 ice-creamist at work
In fact, the decorations were so creepy, one of the staff members cautioned me and my friend bringing my 4 year old god-daughter in as it ‘wasn’t appropriate for kids’, but it wasn’t too long before Talei was pointing and laughing at the brains and severed hand. She’s a tough kid.

Brains and severed hand in cling-wrap
Beaker of blood
Creepy-looking beaker full of blood.

Pentagram with doll
They had five new flavours to celebrate Halloween: choc grave (chocolate ice-cream with crushed Oreos – the dirt – mixed in, and a jelly worm to top it off), pumpkin & treacle pie, Grinch (avocado and mint), black apple sorbet and snow white beetroot & milk (I’m guessing this would look like blood on snow?) I was sharing with Talei so we picked the choc grave which was the most kid-friendly.

Choc Grave flavour ice-cream
Choc Grave ice-cream (chocolate ice-cream with Oreo crumbs topped with a jelly snake) $6.00 for one fairly massive serving.

N2 ice-creamist making more ice-cream
N2 ice-creamist serving ice-cream
It was very entertaining to watch the staff churn the ice-cream using liquid nitrogen!

Mix-ins stored in beakers
Mix-ins for the ice-cream.

Absolutely loved the chocolate creamy ice-cream with the crunchy chocolatey crumbs folded in. Definitely planning my next visit to try the regular flavours (I’m looking at you, salted caramel!) The single serving is pretty big so it’s suitable to share between two and really isn’t too expensive at $6 a serve. It was definitely a huge novelty watching the ice-cream churn in seconds with puffs of icy clouds. In terms of novelty ice-cream, this is my new Cold Rock!

N2 would be the perfect spot to impress a date or to visit with a bunch of friends. I loved all the cute Halloween decorations and the customised flavours. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

Talei enjoying ice-cream
I call this the ‘Talei seal of approval’.

N2 Extreme Gelato

Hope you all had a great start to a week. It’s okay, Monday is over. And Eat Drink Blog 2012 is soooooo close!!!


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