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Yogurberry, Epping

Reviews December 12, 2012

Yogurberry Epping entrance

For months, my workmates and I salivated in anticipation over the giant poster hung over a shop window announcing that frozen yoghurt would soon be a treat available in Epping. Coffee runs would soon be changed to froyo runs. Sipping hot liquids at my desk would become a thing of the past, instead replaced by gloriously creamy froyo in different flavours. Expectations were raised higher and higher, and complaints of “WHY isn’t it open yet??” grew more frequent. It all dissipated in a moment of shock and joy when, passing by Hothis for lunch, I realised Yogurberry. Was finally. Open.

Yogurberry Epping launch balloons

The first thing I did was call my workmate who had also been eyeing off the signs to screech “IT’S OPEN, IT’S FINALLY OPEN” and after lunch, finally descended on the magic that is Yogurberry. And as high as my expectations were, it did not disappoint.

They had an opening special of 50% off for a couple of days. Half-price froyo, how can you go wrong? Unless of course the froyo is cursed. Or contains potassium benzoate. Sorry, that’s a bad Simpsons joke.

I stood in line and picked out the smallest cup (which, by the way, is hilariously large). The thing I love the most about Yogurberry is that you pay by weight instead of by size. That means that I can get a GIANT serving if I want, or if I’m feeling a tad full from lunch, I can get a miniscule serving if I want. ALSO, I can get as many toppings as I want without worrying about a giant surcharge per topping as with normal ice cream / froyo places. So I basically have no reason to never get froyo! This is my perfect froyo dream!

Self-serve Yogurberry

Yogurberry toppings
So many toppings! They had everything from cocoa pops, corn flakes, shredded coconut, candied popcorn, chocolate chips, sprinkles, tim tams and a whole lot of fresh fruits and of course, pearls.

A completed Yogurberry

Since each serving varies in price (I believe its about 10c per 20g), a regular serving is about $5-6.00. This serving above was quite huge so cost about $8-9.00.

Of course, I had to try each flavour on my first go! And since it’s self serve, this was easy enough to do.

They had the following flavours available:

  • Taro
  • plain
  • mango
  • green tea
  • strawberry and chocolate

My flavour preferences in order are taro, strawberry, plain, green tea, chocolate and mango. All flavours were pretty good but I mostly stick with taro and strawberry on my return visits – they are too good!

I absolutely loved the lychee pearls to top with them. This was my first try of them and on every return I have basically gone nuts and put giant servings on each order I get. Basically a ‘would you like some froyo with your pearls?’-type situation, but they are amazing! Nothing like the sort of pearls you get from Easyway or Chatime. These pearls ‘pop’ in your mouth when you crunch down on them, rather the chewy pearls in bubble tea drinks. If you haven’t before, I highly recommend giving them a try!

Paying after self-serving
Lining up to pay.

Seating at Yogurberry
They have a good amount of seating for those who wish to eat in.

I couldn’t resist including these pics of my god-daughter Talei getting a brain freeze. Not that that deters her from eating more froyo haha. Good girl.


Pushing through the pain.

Mmm so good.

Haha I love this video.

Yogurberry, Epping is at 43 Beecroft Road, Epping, NSW.
They accept cash only.

Yogurberry Epping on Urbanspoon

Parking is probably best found at Coles on Rawson Street in Epping, but it’s also a super quick walk from Epping station.

I can’t wait to enjoy more froyo goodness over the summer period! Psst, if you’re interested, check out their website — they have plenty of nutritional advice about their frozen yoghurt.

Oh thought I’d also mention that Yogurberry is cash only!

Hope you’ve had a great start to the week. Not long to Christmas now, eeeee!!!



A Very Spooky Halloween at N2 Extreme Gelato

Reviews October 30, 2012

N2 storefront

Ever since I first read Jenius’s and many more food bloggers’ posts on N2 Extreme Gelato, I couldn’t wait to visit! N2 takes gelato to the extreme by making all their ice-cream in front of you in Kitchen-Aid mixers using liquid nitrogen, which if you ask me is pretty cool (pun intended… Yes, I make lame dad-style jokes occasionally. Sorry about that.)

I first learned ice-cream could be made this way with liquid nitrogen from Heston Blumenthal’s cooking videos and was lucky enough to sample some at his restaurant in London at Dinner by Heston. The theory is, since the ice-cream freezes mega-quickly due to the super low temp of the nitrogen, the ice crystals formed in the ice cream custard are smaller, therefore making it intensely creamy. I was very impressed that N2 serves all its ice cream this way.

So I was happily surprised to accidentally pass N2 after lunch with a friend in the city. Jackpot!

N2 workbench
The staff had dressed up their shop ‘Halloween style’ with some awesome (fake, I hope — haha) blood dripping down the glass, mutilated barbie dolls, bloody looking brains and a severed hand amongst the beakers. The creepy decorations fit in perfectly with the staff dressed in lab coats and protective eye gear, churning ice-cream with puffy billowing vapours emerging from their mixers — the modern day witch’s cauldron!

Mutilated Barbie doll
Another mutilated Barbie doll
An N2 ice-creamist at work
In fact, the decorations were so creepy, one of the staff members cautioned me and my friend bringing my 4 year old god-daughter in as it ‘wasn’t appropriate for kids’, but it wasn’t too long before Talei was pointing and laughing at the brains and severed hand. She’s a tough kid.

Brains and severed hand in cling-wrap
Beaker of blood
Creepy-looking beaker full of blood.

Pentagram with doll
They had five new flavours to celebrate Halloween: choc grave (chocolate ice-cream with crushed Oreos – the dirt – mixed in, and a jelly worm to top it off), pumpkin & treacle pie, Grinch (avocado and mint), black apple sorbet and snow white beetroot & milk (I’m guessing this would look like blood on snow?) I was sharing with Talei so we picked the choc grave which was the most kid-friendly.

Choc Grave flavour ice-cream
Choc Grave ice-cream (chocolate ice-cream with Oreo crumbs topped with a jelly snake) $6.00 for one fairly massive serving.

N2 ice-creamist making more ice-cream
N2 ice-creamist serving ice-cream
It was very entertaining to watch the staff churn the ice-cream using liquid nitrogen!

Mix-ins stored in beakers
Mix-ins for the ice-cream.

Absolutely loved the chocolate creamy ice-cream with the crunchy chocolatey crumbs folded in. Definitely planning my next visit to try the regular flavours (I’m looking at you, salted caramel!) The single serving is pretty big so it’s suitable to share between two and really isn’t too expensive at $6 a serve. It was definitely a huge novelty watching the ice-cream churn in seconds with puffs of icy clouds. In terms of novelty ice-cream, this is my new Cold Rock!

N2 would be the perfect spot to impress a date or to visit with a bunch of friends. I loved all the cute Halloween decorations and the customised flavours. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

Talei enjoying ice-cream
I call this the ‘Talei seal of approval’.

N2 Extreme Gelato

Hope you all had a great start to a week. It’s okay, Monday is over. And Eat Drink Blog 2012 is soooooo close!!!


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High Tea at Boronia Tea Room

Reviews October 22, 2012

Outside shot of the Boronia Tea Room
I was really chuffed to hear that Boronia House (now re-named Boronia Tea Room) now serves high tea. Previously it was exclusively used for wedding receptions only, but the staff have cleverly come up with a new way to get some use out of the House during the day. I used to drive past it quite frequently, as it’s on the main road (Military Road) in Mosman and used to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ about how pretty it was. I even thought about having my wedding reception there for a time, but it was slightly too small for what I was after. Now that they serve high tea during the day however, I have another reason to visit and enjoy this gorgeous house and its surrounds.

Outside table set

Boronia Tea Room was also featured in this year’s Crave Sydney International Food Festival as the High Tea destination for October, which included a glass of Brown Brother’s bubbly with their usual high tea menu – so if you’re interested in a visit, I’d recommend booking yourself in for Oct!ย When I saw a Groupon for high tea here, it wasn’t long before I was tapping in my Paypal password and the voucher all was miiine!

We were lucky to have a lovely Sunday afternoon weather – perfect high tea weather to get all dressed up in girly outfits!

Flower setting

Tea set

Sweet and savoury food on a cake stand
Three tiers of high tea happiness.

Savoury plate
Savoury plate.

Mushroom balls
Mushrooms with labne cheese, crumbed topping – SO GOOD!! one of my faves of the day. The crispy crunchy topping went so well with the creamy cheese and the flavoursome mushroom. Mmm yum!

High tea-style sandwiches
More high tea-style sandwiches
Sandwiches – chicken and walnut/apple. Tasty fillings but the bread was a tad dry. The waiter called these little ‘pacmans’ – very cute name!

Salmon tartlettes
More salmon tartlettes
Salmon tartlettes with caviar.

Super adorable mini ham and cheese croissants.

Lemonade scones
Moving up to the second tier to the traditional scones – here they had lemonade scones with whipped cream and strawberry jam. Loved the cute little jam jars!

Strawberry jam

Sweets plate

Green apple jelly
Now the final tier of treats! I loved the array of sweets they had here – and they were all very different to the usual sweets I was used to at high tea.
Cherry florentines with dark chocolate, almond biscotti with strawberry mousse, green apple jelly, brandy snaps & biscuits with mango slices. Yummo!

Floral arrangement

Table setting by a window

High Tea Menu @ $45 per person (12 bites per person)

  • A selection of ribbon sandwiches (on white and wholemeal bread)
  • Sophisticated savoury bites
  • Lemonade Scones with clotted cream and jam
  • Delightful desserts and cakes

This also includes a huge selection of delicious teas (I would list them here but there’s simply too many! Check out their website here for more info on this). I wanted to order ALL of them but I went with my fave, soy chai. Hehe. Can’t go past that cinnamon goodness! If you are so inclined, you can also order coffee instead of tea.

Boronia Tea Room also offer a Devonshire Tea @ $25 per person which includes:

  • Lemonade Scones with clotted cream and jam
  • Two delightful dessert bites
  • served with T2 tea or coffee

This is a great option for high tea lovers on a budget!

All in all, I really enjoyed the high tea at Boronia House. We had a lovely view of the gardens and the inside of the house was quite beautiful. As it was originally fitted out for wedding receptions, it really had the perfect classy vibe for high tea.

The high tea stand was filled with plenty of different and delicious treats that I don’t normally see at high tea, which was a nice change. The waiter also informed me that they change their menu quite frequently so you never really know what you’re going to get, except that it’s probably going to be quite good ๐Ÿ™‚

They also offer gluten-free options, which is a plus for coeliac high tea lovers! The day we attended, there were plenty of kids and families piling into the place so it was definitely family friendly – and a great idea, in my opinion, to catch up with your family with some scones and tea! I should really do that more often! Cake, tea and catching up with my grandma? Yes, please!

The high tea was excellent value with the Groupon voucher but I think $45 is well within the norm for high tea prices, so I wouldn’t mind returning the next time I get the high tea urge ๐Ÿ˜€ There was also plenty of nearby free street parking, so it was fairly easy to drive to – another bonus. Although this could be difficult depending on the day/time that you visit. My fave high tea place for parking will always be the Captain’s High Tea in North Ryde which boasts its own free carpark – can’t get better than that, sorry!

Props to Boronia Tea Room team for finding new ways to make some money during the day and in off-peak wedding season too! Great idea.

You can check out Boronia Tea Room’s website by clicking here. Good news for all you blushing brides out there – they still do weddings! Check out their packages and more info by clicking here.

Boronia Tea Room

They are also currently hosting a Melbourne Cup Lunch @ $135 per person which gets you a Gourmet Seafood and Dessert buffet (created by hatted chef Hayden Ellerton), a glass of Moet & Chandon bubbly, live jazz music and bar food / drinks. The day will also include sweep stakes, lucky door prizes and best dressed prizes. Sounds like a fun day filled with yummy food and a great opportunity to dress to the nines!

Outside photo

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