Tis the season to be jolly!

I thought I would join in on all the fun and make some of my own Christmas gingerbread. So many other of my subscribed blogs have been making Christmas cookies lately, The Pioneer Woman, Sweetopia and Bakerella to name a few. This is me jumping on the Christmas Cookie bandwagon!

I’ve never really made Christmas themed cookies before so this was a first for me. I had only just started collecting cookie cutters as well. Prior to this year, I only had one heart shaped set from Chalet. This year I got another set of stars (Chalet), some Christmas tree cutters for Christmas from my grandmother, a mixed bunch of Christmas-themed cutters from David Jones (trees, stars, gingerbread men etc) and last week I got an awesome set of snowflake cookie cutters from Alfresco Emporium. Speaking of which, if you haven’t managed to go shopping there yet, I highly recommend it! They have so many wonderful baking supplies. I picked up some royal icing powder ($8.95), a cake leveler ($11.95) 12 Wilton disposable icing bags ($11.95 – a bit pricey, but I wanted to try them.. I’ve only got two reusable loyal icing bags at home and they get a bit messy. They were great, but I’m hoping to get some cheaper ones online in bulk sometime soon.) I also picked up an icing bag coupler (hard to find and useful when you want to do a couple different colours with different tips when icing (and only $1.95!) And of course my new beloved snowflake cookie cutters! They were originally $19.95 but they had a 50% off Christmas sale, so they were $9.98, woo!

I’m looking forward to using the cake leveler. Previously I had just a serrated knife to level and tort my cakes but a lot of cake decorators recommend using a leveler. I will definitely report results when I next use it.

For these cookies I used the same recipe that I always use off Taste.com as always, with fabulous results (except for the fact that sometimes I tend to sliiightly overbake them. Hey. Everyone likes slightly crisp gingerbread, right? Guys? Hello?)

To decorate I used the royal icing powder (just add water, it’s a snap!) I’d love to find meringue powder because you have to use quite a bit of royal icing powder to make the icing and it wasn’t that cheap ($8.95 for a bag) and a lot of blogs I’ve been following say that you only need a tablespoon of meringue powder or two and you add in the sugar yourself. Sadly I haven’t been able to find meringue powder anywhere in Australia. If you find any, please let me know! Because I’d love to find it..

For an excellent tutorial on how to outline and flood cookies, check out Pioneer Woman’s post featuring Bridget from Bake at 350. It really helped me out with these cookies.

For marbling cookies, I also highly recommend Sweetopia – this blog has sooo many beautiful and well written tutorials – the photography is stunning as are the cookies! Check out the post on how to marble royal icing here. Sweetopia is basically a cookie-heaven blog so I also recommend checking out the rest of the posts .. they’re great!

To create the marbled icing effect, simply pipe straight lines of flood icing of a different colour onto the flood icing on the cookie before it has dried.
Drag a toothpick through to create the feathered lines.

I piped this snowflake design on and then sprinkled it with 100s and 1000s.

For the trees, I just used the outline/flood method and then added some milk chocolate chips and extra 100s and 1000s. I was hoping to use cachous because they replicate shiny baubles better but I didn’t have any on me at the time.. Next time, Gadget!

Enjoy these cookies!

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