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Chinese New Year High Tea at the Shangri-La, Sydney

Reviews January 24, 2014

Chinese New Year is coming and I am really looking forward to it! Unfortunately I no longer receive red envelopes containing money as I did as a child in Hong Kong, but I enjoy any chance to celebrate festivities! You can imagine my excitement when hearing that a Chinese New Year themed high tea created by the lovely and extremely talented pastry chef Anna Polyviou would be featuring at Shangri La in Sydney this year.


Jin Yan, Castle Hill

Reviews January 12, 2014

After doing some Christmas shopping around Castle Towers, my husband and I were hungry… hungry for yum cha! Problem was, there weren’t many yum cha places nearby that we knew of and we felt like trying a new place. Google revealed Jin Yan (a nearby Chinese restaurant) had good ratings — so off we drove.


Wok on Inn, The Rocks

Reviews January 6, 2014

I was recently invited along to Wok On Inn at the Rocks to sample some of their dishes.

Funnily enough I actually spent several months working at a friend’s company a few minutes’ walk away, so it was a good opportunity to visit one of my old haunts.

Please note that I was served ‘half size’ dishes, so expect a larger size for yourself when you visit. Given this in mind I would expect that double sizes of the dishes I sampled would be quite massive and filling!


Thai Passion, Newtown

Reviews September 18, 2013

There are so many Thai restaurants to visit in Newtown that sometimes the choice can be a little overwhelming! Recently a group of friends and I ended up in Newtown for dinner and wound up at Thai Passion and really enjoyed the food, service and great prices!

Coconut Juice $3.50.
I really enjoyed this start to the meal – coconut juice is always so refreshing and the coconut meat slices were perfectly tender and soft.

San Choy Bow (Chicken mince with shiitake mushroom and young corn in a crisp lettuce cup) $7.90
I really enjoyed this light choice for my dinner. The chicken filling was very flavoursome and was accented well by the crispy rice noodles in the lettuce cup. If you’re after a light meal, this would be a good choice as it was surprisingly filling eaten solo!

Vegetarian curry puffs (4pcs) $6.90
Crisp pastry surrounding curried veggies – this is a tough choice to go wrong with!

Chicken Laksa (Thai style curry noodle in a coconut milk soup) $12.90
The diner who chose this dish commented that the laksa was quite good quality with a hit of spice to it, but in general he prefers flavours of a Malaysian laksa to a Thai version, as it tends to feel more authentic.

Crying Tiger (grilled marinated beef served with thai nam jim jaew) $13.90
Tender slices of grilled beef marinated in Thai spices – this dish was a good pick of the evening.

Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice with egg $12.90
I sampled a spoonful of this fried rice and was surprised at the fantastic flavour that Thai Passion managed to bring out in such a simple dish. It had an almost saucy texture to the rice that made me seriously wish I had ordered this as well! Definitely would come back just to try this dish, as I have sampled many Thai fried rices over Sydney and really felt this one stood out of the crowd.

My dining companions were looking for some gluten and dairy free dessert options, so opted for the sticky rice cooked in banana leaf (minus the icecream). It looked like it had that chewy consistency that you can only get from sticky rice baked in banana leaves, and was a pretty good serving size for only $5.90. Might have been able to do a better job with the presentation (although this was served minus the usual addition of ice-cream, so maybe it looks better with that?)

There is a lot of stiff competition for Thai food in Newtown but I think that Thai Passion is definitely holding its own with good quality Thai food with great prices. Best dishes of the night were definitely the fried rice and the coconut juice. Service was friendly and helpful, which always makes a meal more enjoyable. We really enjoyed our meal and it’s definitely somewhere I would come again in future. It’s a short walk from Newtown station which is another plus for convenience. I also noted that they do $7.50 lunch specials which seem worth checking out (if only Newtown weren’t so far from my workplace!) Please note also (like many places), that they do not do split bills.

Thai Passion on Urbanspoon

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Interview with a Pastry Chef: Anna Polyviou

Articles September 10, 2013

Some of you may remember not too long ago I interviewed Matthew McCool, head chef of Altitude Restaurant of the Shangri La. I found it very interesting to have a glimpse of what it’s like to work professionally with one of my great passions – food. So when the opportunity to interview the incredibly talented Anna Polyviou, Executive Pastry Chef at the Shangri-La in Sydney, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

As many bloggers do, I absolutely love baking – especially baking sweet treats. While I’m not sure if I would suit the pastry chef occupation, I do know of some friends who are interested in breaking into that field. I mean who could blame them – creating sweet treats that everyone loves definitely seems like a dream job!

So, let’s dive into the world of pastry with the legend herself – Anna Polyviou!

Anna Polyviou – Executive Pastry Chef at Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming the pastry chef you are today. Would love to hear about what inspired you to choose this profession and any favourite childhood memories you have about baking!
I kick-started my career in cooking at Hotel Sofitel Melbourne, where my only interest were the flashing lights at clubs; dancing and having fun. Then I was asked to enter a competition in pastry because the team of four required a pastry chef and they needed an apprentice. I was a kitchen chef and had no idea about cooking anything sweet. So I trained so I wouldn’t let my team down and the more I got involved in pastry, the more I loved it. Things turned around and I found my love for pastry!

I stayed at Sofitel and finished my apprenticeship. I was then awarded the title of best apprentice in the Hotel, which led to winning the Les Toque competition for best apprentice within Victoria which got me a scholarship to London. There, I worked at Claridges hotel in London along with doing University in Culinary Arts in pastry. I won gold in different culinary competitions and won best dessert in the UK which gave me an opportunity to go work in Paris with Pierre Herme. I then returned to Australia and did another competition for best plated chocolate dessert, won that and got a trip to Chicago to do training. I was at Bathers Pavilion for five years as the pastry chef there, which was a great stage of my career. I’ve been involved in cookbooks, judging, writing for magazines and I am also the founder of the Sydney Pastry Club.

I love how food brings people together along with emotions that flow within the room after eating and tasting different items. During my childhood, my family was forever cooking and the aromas that traveled within the house are indescribable. We have such great memories.

Do you have any pastry chef heroes?
My friends within the industry are my heroes. I admire the people I know because I have seen their work and their passion firsthand. I admire Kirsten Tibballs and have seen her build her business from the bottom up, even Adriano Zumbo from the small shop till now. I’ve seen friends on TV and the way they make an impact on the foodie industry. Julie Sharpe is my HERO, because when no one believed in me or wanted to give me a chance, she did.

Tell us a little about your favourite dessert!
I have a huge problem (in a good way) with custard desserts and also ice-cream. I’m starting to think I have an addiction with ice-cream with chunky bits and caramel flavored products. I like creating complicated desserts but I love eating simple- especially home baked goods.

Do you have any guilty pleasure baking reality TV shows that you like to watch?
I love watching anything on television that involves food, especially when it’s my friends doing the cooking. I get very proud of them and love to brag on their behalf to anyone who will listen.

What’s your favourite kitchen utensil?
I love the KitchenAid ProLine stand mixer. Mine is candy apple red! It’s 6.9litres litres with all the attachments. It looks sexy and works amazing, I take it everywhere; from demos at Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney to my friend’s houses when I go over to cook for them.

What is the most difficult ingredient you’ve ever had to work with?
I really struggle creating desserts with grapes and melons along with different Asian ingredients such as Green Tea/mocha because if you infuse it too much or under infuse, you don’t get the flavour you want. I’m willing to play around with melons and grapes a bit more, it just takes practice.

How about a favourite ingredient to work with?
Vanilla for sure, especially Heilala vanilla. It’s vanilla from Tonga and the money goes back into the community and supporting the local people. This product comes in extracts, syrups, organic sugar, paste and my most favourite is the vanilla beans. It’s a natural product that can complement any dish.

What tips could you give our readers that are interested in becoming a pastry chef and breaking into the industry?
I’d say take your time to learn instead of trying to be a superstar right away. If you can, work in places where you can learn from people that share the same interests as you. Most importantly – stay humble and be respectful to people and to yourself.

Best perk of the job?
The main perks for me is that I get to do my hobby every day and am able to influence someone’s emotions. I love getting people excited about what I create. I also get to travel a bit overseas and do fun things like recipe development for cookbooks.

Any tips for us at-home bakers?
My tips for home bakers is to invite me over so I can eat what they have created and they can teach me! My favourite baked goods are created at home. Make sure to:

• Pass on the knowledge and passion

• Use good quality food ingredients

• And most importantly – use Australian seasonal produce and fruit.


Finally, Anna has shared one of her wonderful recipes with us for her “Passion-ate about Yellow”. Thank you to Anna for sharing such a beautiful recipe!

Passion-ate about Yellow

Passionfruit Posset
500ml cream
200gm caster sugar
60ml passionfruit juice

In a medium to large pot bring the cream and sugar to the boil.
Once there boil for 4 minutes.
After the 4 minutes are up whisk in the passionfruit juice and bring to the boil again and boil for 4 minutes.
Take off the heat and fill moulds or glasses.

Pineapple and Champagne Jelly
175gm pineapple puree
110ml water
50gm sugar
10gm gelatine, softened
100ml Champagne

Bring the puree, sugar and water to the boil and whisk in the soften gelatine.
Strain and allow to cool, stir in champagne.

Ginger Microwave sponge
100gm Eggs
5gm Egg Yolk
40gm Caster Sugar
50gm White Chocolate, melted
10gm Plain Flour 12%, sifted
5gm Ground Ginger

In an electric mixer bowl whisk the eggs, yolk and sugar until light and fluffy.
When ready add the chocolate in on a medium heat but only just combine.
Take off and fold in the flour and ginger.
Make a small slice at the bottom of a paper cup and fill half way with the sponge mix.
Place into the microwave and cook for 40 seconds it may need another 10 seconds.
Cut down the side of the cup with scissors to remove the sponge and reserve until needed.

Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet
400ml Water
70gm Glucose
10gm Stabilizer
350gm Sugar
500gm Mango Puree
350ml Passionfruit juice

Mix the sugar and stabilizer place in a saucepot and add the glucose and water.
Bring to the boil and once there, pour over the puree and juice.
Strain and allow to cool.
(If you don’t have the ice-cream machine I highly recommend pure gelato to use mango sorbet is light fresh and very tasty).



I also had the chance to visit the Shangri-La to sample Anna’s high tea that is on at the Shangri-La at the moment (and also got a sneak peek into Anna’s magical kitchen!) and will be posting about this on the blog very soon – watch this space!

Thanks to Jessica Somers-Haggie for helping to arrange this interview with Anna.

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Lord of the Fries, Sydney

Reviews September 1, 2013

Amongst much hype, the popular Melbourne franchise “Lord of the Fries” has finally opened its doors to the public in Sydney and quite a frenzy has ensued! With lines up to an hour long, Sydney-siders have been queueing like crazy to get a taste of their famous fries.  Lord of the Fries is completely vegetarian (all their burger/hotdog patties are meat free) and is also vegan and gluten free friendly, which is fantastic news for allergy-sufferers of gluten and dairy as well as vegans and vegetarians alike. The menu  is stuffed with all kinds of tempting sauces including spicy mango chutney with sour cream to belgian mayo, thai satay and onion and who could go past the poutine-esque French Canadian sauce (shredded cheese and hot gravy?!).

With all the hype surrounding LOTF, I couldn’t resist a visit and soon! About a week or so after it opened, I managed to end up there on a Tuesday evening (good time to go, wait lines were much shorter – we only waited about 5 minutes!) to sample the fries for myself.

The Story (Lord of the Fries)

The idea behind Lord of the Fries began over late night snack excursions early in 2004. Mandy (Toronto) and Mark (Melbourne) met while living in Taiwan (Tainan). Their love for fries drew them closer, and their disdain for nasty frozen chemical fries inspired them to create the perfect fry.

They wanted fresh potatoes, thick but not too thick, crispy but not too crunchy, delicious and saucy, the mission began.

It was the beginning of a fast food revolution.

Landing in Melbourne in August, 2004, they decided to take the best fries you will ever try to the people! What better way than a mobile chip van now all they needed was a name.

This is where Sam (Mark’s brother) comes sizzling into the story. Being a creative wiz, he crowned the venture LORD OF THE FRIES.

The Lord was born!!

The van was on the road by October and they were traveling around the country serving up golden, crunchy, fries in a cone, with home-made sauces all inspired by flavours found across the globe. The people rejoiced!

Finally a fry that was NOT drowned in beef tallow and juiced up with gluten; NOT cooked in the cheapest oil money can buy; NOT smothered in watered down tomato sauce and sitting in a bain-marie since the beginning of time.

East LA. Hot Cheese Sauce, Salsa and Japalenos
Regular fries ($4.95) + Deluxe Sauce ($2.50)

The cheesy sauce in this East LA sauce really went nicely with the salsa and fries and was surprisingly more spicy than we expected.

French Canadian. Shredded Cheese and Hot Gravy
Regular fries ($4.95) + Deluxe Sauce ($2.50)

This was definitely the winning sauce of the evening – with a super tasty gravy and melted cheese coating the crispy fries. I was excited to have my first taste of what was closest to famous Canadian poutine, which I believe is more traditionally served with softer cheese curds rather than the shredded harder cheese that we had with this version.

Mini Burger $4.95

The perfect little snack burger goes well with their regular serving of fries for a good sized lady lunch!

I enjoyed the fries at LOTF and think it’s worth trying for those who appreciate a good chip! It’s great news for allergen sufferers and vegetarians/vegans who I don’t feel have very many franchises that cater for them specifically, especially not smack bang in the CBD. I probably wouldn’t queue up for them for over an hour, but they are a tasty treat that I would return for, especially the cheese and gravy sauced ones. I really want to give those sweet potato fries a try!

Lord of the Fries on Urbanspoon

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Auburn Botanic Gardens Cherry Blossom Festival

Articles August 18, 2013

Those who know me know that I am a bit of a cherry blossom fiend. I visited Japan earlier this during cherry blossom season to experience the authentic sakura experience for the first time and absolutely loved it. Something I think everyone should see at least once in a lifetime! Sadly, cherry blossoms are very fickle and even though I based my Japanese travel timing far in advance to match last year’s previous blossom bloom time, (as well as average sakura blooming time in previous years), unfortunately the cherry blossoms in Japan opened one week earlier than predicted. While I did still see several lovely cherry blossom trees, they were sadly not as impressive as they normally are at their peak.

Cherry blossoms open for only two weeks a year and I absolutely adore that time of year – but as you can see, their beauty passes very quickly! I have really been enjoying this blossom season lately and seeing them in the local community and on my weekend walk abouts. So you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Auburn Botanic Gardens’ holds an annual Cherry Blossom festival for two weeks every year. People are welcome to bring picnics or enjoy the food stalls available and experience hanami (Japanese sakura picnicking) Sydney style!

I had never visited Auburn Botanic Gardens before but was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. It really reminded me of the gardens in Japan and made me feel really nostalgic of all my Japanese travels which are jam packed with good memories.

Everyone enjoying the beautiful blossoms.

The reflection pool.

Majestic peacocks chilling out.

Coffee cart.

Ice-cream truck.

Turkish Gozleme stand.

Japanese stand selling sushi, teriyaki chicken wings and takoyaki.

We were very lucky to have such beautiful, sunny weather. I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful masses of blossoms and definitely think it’s worthwhile visiting if you’re a sakura fan. Unfortunately there were only two food stalls which were very crowded so if you wanted to have lunch I think it would be a nice idea to pack a picnic to enjoy on the grass. Bring your camera so you can take plenty of snaps of the beautiful blossoms while in bloom, typical Japanese style!

The Auburn Botanic Gardens Cherry Blossom Festival is running again this coming weekend on Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August. You can read more information about the festival on the Auburn Council website by clicking here. A free shuttle bus is running from the train station to the gardens but there is also street parking available nearby. Cost is a $5 entry per adult (children and Auburn residents free).

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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Ladies Who Lunch at The Village: Potts Point

Reviews July 1, 2012

Half day Fridays at my workplace are a weekly little blessing. They are also a great excuse for myself and my workmates to indulge in FAD (or as we like to call them, Friday Afternoon Dates). The Ladies who Lunch (LWL) at the Village was a perfect excuse to grab lunch with a workmate and enjoy our Friday afternoon in style. At $39 per person for the delicious sounding LWL menu, who could resist?

We start off with an antipasto plate to share.

Herb crispbread, marinated olives, capsicum, eggplant, cured meats – salami, proscuitto, beef bressola and house made beetroot dip and hommous
I loved the combination of the herby crispness of the bread with the saltiness of the marinated vegetables and a smear of beetroot dip adding some sweetness. Yum!

Next brought out is a jug of fresh looking Pimms and lemonade with seasonal fruit

Crispy salt and pepper squid with sea salt, rocket, lemon and chilli aioli

Sicilian arrancini with spinach and smoked italian parmesan
This was absolutely delicious. I’ve only ever had arrancini once or twice in my life before and they weren’t great experiences. These warm cheesy rice balls went deliciously with the rich tomato sauce and the saltiness of the cheese – so good, it had me reaching for a second in no time!

Roast pumpkin salad with pine nuts, baby spinach and marinated feta
This is a classic salad – can’t go wrong with this one.

Caprese salad with Italian buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Having just returned from two weeks in Italy, this Caprese salad was a welcome sight and I have to say they did this salad justice. The tomatoes were fresh and flavourful and the combination of the fresh tasting cheese and sweetness of the balsamic is an unbeatable combination. Love that they used buffalo mozzarella as well 🙂

Margherita pizza
Another great classic Italian dish on the menu, can’t go wrong with a Margherita pizza!

Finally moving onto to dessert, we had some more classics on the menu.

Apple and Raspberry crumble with Vanilla bean anglaise

Chocolate Fondant with Raspberry Coulis and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

It didn’t take us long to dig into these delicious looking treats, and they did not disappoint.

The desserts were simply excellent – probably my favourite items on the whole menu. The crumble had a sinfully rich buttery crust which matched the tart sweetness of the berries and apple well. The creaminess of the vanilla bean anglaise finished it off perfectly.

I also loved the chocolate fondant, which did not have an overly cloying sweetness I often find in those sorts of desserts – and the vanilla ice cream really helped to cut through the sweetness. The addition of the tart raspberry coulis was an unusual addition, but I have to admit really added another lovely note to the chocolate and vanilla flavours.

In summary, I had a lovely time at the Village – $39 is a great price for a meal including starters, salads, pizza, dessert and drinks, especially in the city. It has a great atmosphere and would also work well for bigger groups, after work drinks and functions. It’s a great excuse to use to catch up with some girlfriends and I would certainly love to visit again. For those who are interested, the Village also caters for functions, bigger groups looking for a night out with some dinner, drinks and dancing and also caters for coeliacs (they offer gluten free pizza bases in all of their pizzas) and they also work towards pleasing even the most discerning vegetarians and vegans.

To see more pictures, including the function rooms and more of the Village, check out my facebook album by clicking here.

The Village has three set menus – the Ladies who Lunch menu ($39 per head), the banquet menu ($35 per head) and an a la carte menu. These can all be checked out online on their website.
Click here to check out The Village’s website

Cuisine style: Italian / Modern Australian
The Village is located at 1 Kellett Way, Potts Point NSW 2011
Phone number: 8084 6057
Chef: Tristan Johnson
Sous-chef: Peter Wade
Parking/Getting there: There isn’t a great deal of street parking in Potts Point, but there is secure 24 hour paid parking nearby. Alternatively, Kings Cross Station is approx a 3 minute walk away.

The Village on Urbanspoon

Hope you have a fab week!