Some of you may know that as a 19 year old, one of my career stints included a two month long job at Max Brenner’s. I only lasted there about eight weeks (for reasons I won’t write about here) but I must admit I do still miss working in a chocolatey environment. Not to mention having access to the best waffles I have ever tasted! After I finished up at MB’s, I searched high and low for waffles as good as the type they sold there, so I could get my waffley fix. All of the varieties I found at supermarkets paled in comparison but fortunately MB’s started selling their super waffles in store for addicts (like moi) to get a hit now and then for my favourite kind of indulgent breakfast!

Fortunately for me, I think I’ve found another place to get my waffle fix! That place is Mooberry in Newtown, the new dessert kid on the block that not only does froyo but a range of other fantastic desserts which is great if you’re dining with a group of people and nobody can decide exactly what to get!

Mooberry Belgian Waffles (Two for $17.90)
Warm Belgian waffles drizzled with melted chocolate and froyo with two regular toppings.

I never would have thought to pair waffles, chocolate and froyo, as I never really thought of yoghurt and waffles as a matching combination. However, I was surprised at how well these two worked quite together, especially with the coffee flavour mixing so well with the chocolate. In fact, I think I actually prefer the froyo to ice-cream (which I normally get waffles and melted chocolate with), as the tangyness from the froyo cuts through the richness of the melted chocolate better than ice cream. I really loved the waffles they served at Mooberry’s, they have that rich buttery flavour and fantastic crispness that I grew to love while working at Max Brenner’s.

Coconut froyo drizzled with melted chocolate

Oh man, this was definitely my fave combination of the night. Melted milk chocolate and coconut froyo tasted like an ice-creamy bounty bar but better! This made me leave wishing all froyo bars did melted chocolate toppings! I really enjoyed the subtle flavour of the coconut with the melted chocolate forming a ‘ice-magic’ style topping as it hardened on the cold froyo. YUM!

Watermelon froyo with gaytime crumbs

I am a huge sucker for all things melon-flavoured, (rockmelon being one of my all-time fave fruits) and love ordering melon smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream whenever the opportunity presents itself! This watermelon flavoured froyo did not disappoint and I really enjoyed the gaytime crumbs – however I think next time I would prefer this particular topping with a more creamy, chocolatey flavour rather than a fruity one.

Mango Passion, $6.00
Mango, Passionfruit and Original Froyo

This smoothie was so super thick and creamy, with a strong flavour of mango and passionfruit. It was so good, I found myself craving it a second time the very next day. If only Mooberry was closer to where I lived, otherwise I might find myself ordering smoothies every other day! They had a good selection of other smoothie flavours that I would love to try including “Lychee Love” (lychee, raspberry and coconut froyo). How good does that sound??

Dark chocolate souffle with melted chocolate, fruit and froyo, $10.00
Warm souffle with a melted chocolate centre with froyo and two regular toppings
I really enjoyed my visit to Mooberry and would highly recommend it as a dessert spot when dining out with chums in Newtown. It has plenty of options from froyo, churros souffles, to waffles with melted chocolate as well as coffees and hot chocolates to suit a variety of tastes. I will definitely be back, especially for those fantastic smoothie flavours and thumbs up for having great waffles – you have my waffley stamp of approval!

One thing I will note (for allergy sufferers) is that Mooberry might be a difficult spot to visit if you suffer from milk or lactose allergy. Their waffles contain no dairy products (as confirmed by staff on the evening I visited), although of course they contain gluten (and the melted chocolate they are served with contains dairy). If you’re gluten free, you can enjoy coffees, froyo, shots of melted chocolate and smoothies, but lactose sufferers might be best to stick with a coffee, or perhaps a waffle minus the chocolate.

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Cooking Crusade dined as a guest of Mooberry, but the opinions in this post are my own.